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If a player is disqualified or withdraws in the rounds after the cut, when his/her opponent has already missed the cut, the disqualified player will be deemed the winner. If one player is disqualified or withdraws before the cut is made or after both players have made the cut, the other player will be deemed the winner. If one player misses the cut, the other player will probably be deemed to be the winner. If a participant withdraws or is disqualified during the specified round, the other player will be deemed the winner. Make/Miss the cut 1. Wagers will be void for any player who does not start the tournament.

All scheduled stages must take place otherwise bets will be deemed void, except for those that had already been determined. 21. Top Series Batsman/Bowler -Winning bets must select the batsman and bowler with the highest aggregate runs or wickets in the Series. All players are eligible in this market regardless of whether they play in the Series or not. Bowling Match Bets – Winning bets must predict the highest wicket taker of two bowlers in an innings or match. Both bowlers must bowl at least one ball in the match for bets to stand.

23. Darts Daily Specials 1 . Bets on any of the daily markets listed below will be void if any of the matches do not take place. Special Doubles/Trebles will be void if one selection doesn’t play.

If a game does not go the entire first half, all first half wagers will be refunded. Total Points (over/under) – A wager on whether the total number of points scored in a game is over or under a specified number. Will There Be a 9 Dart Finish in the Tournament – The tournament must be completed. Bets will stand regardless of player withdrawals.

In 2-way player markets, the tie will also be offered, and this will win if they both score the same score on the hole. The golfer with the best score according to the rule of the specific tournament wins the match-up (with equal rounds and/or holes played). Football point line and total wagers pay 10/11 (-110).

In the event of a tie, bets are void, unless otherwise stated. Individual Bowler Wickets – Winning bets must predict the number of wickets taken by an individual bowler in an innings or match. Bets stand provided the bowler has bowled at least one ball. Run Outs/Total casino games 6’s/Total 4’s/ Total Wides /Total Stumpings/Total Ducks/Specials in A One Day or 20/20 Match 1 . In the event of a reduced overs match, otherwise known as Duckworth-Lewis, all these markets will be void, unless line made up prior to reduction in overs.

Wager $11 to win $10; total return is $21 unless otherwise specified. Conference Winner will probably be settled on team’s performance in the playoffs. Second Half – Wagers on the second half will be decided based on points scored in the second half. If the entire second half is not played to its completion, all Second Half wagers will be refunded. First Half – Wagers on the first half will be decided by the score at the end of the first half.

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To Be Relegated – Following the Week Nine fixtures, the bottom two players in the league table will probably be deemed winners for settlement purposes. The leg must be completed for bets to stand. Podium positions count 1. Official results of all outright or individual stage bets will be settled as per the prize or podium presentation.

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